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East Liverpool Community Survey Shows Support for Police Oversight

East Liverpool Community Survey Shows Support for Police Oversight

From East End to Downtown East Liverpool, everyone deserves for our community to be the healthiest and safest community possible. A place where each of us has what we need to thrive. For many of us, this includes a police department that is a true partner in our community. One where community members’ concerns are heard without judgment and transparency is valued. One where accountability can be achieved.

But in recent years, certain stakeholders have ignored the price - literally and figuratively - our community pays when unfit people serve as officers and trust is lost between residents and the police department.

River Valley Organizing conducted a community survey of 1,500 residents to gauge what they liked about our community, what they disliked, and what resources they felt we needed to combat the issues. 80% of those surveyed responded that they felt that the community would benefit from a police oversight committee to help bridge the gap between the local departments and the communities they work for to ensure the safety and peace of mind of everyone. 

River Valley Organizing is forming an advisory committee who can meet regularly to have input on the formation of a police oversight committee and the agency's potential role. 

For more information, please contact Civic Engagement Organizer Thomas Powell at thomas@rivervalleyorganizing.org or 330-708-4097