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Voter Engagement

Why this matters?

While monied interests are going out of their way to prevent more and more people from voting, we know that every Ohioan holds their future in their own hands and in their vote.

How we make a difference

We exercise any and all methods at our disposal to get people informed and excited about their inalienable rights to decide who represents them and provide guidance to hold their elected officials accountable when that representation doesn’t go far enough.

RVO sees voter engagement as a vital ingredient in bringing the necessary change to a broken and corrupt system.

Mass Incarceration

Why this matters?

When our state disproportionately arrests black and brown people, locks up those suffering from the opioid epidemic, and still wants to build more prisons it becomes clear that the system is rigged against us.

How we make a difference

We believe that we deserve better for our people, and that begins with shutting down the scholastic, judicial, and economic pipelines that feed human beings into the cold, inescapable jaws of the prison industry.

"RVO seeks to reverse the hyper incineration that plagues the United States, which has more incarcerated individuals than any other country in the world."

Education & Democracy

Why this matters?

Ohioans know that a well-educated public is an empowered public. The purposeful, decades-long, systematic defunding of our public education system robs us of a more robust democratic representation and denies us our best future. T

How we make a difference

We fight for a well-funded, celebrated, and sacrosanct public school system because the ripple effects of education are too numerous to count.

"RVO believes that everyone’s material security should be guaranteed. This is the only foundation for a just, democratic economy; economic rights are human rights."

Environmental Justice

Why this matters?

We can no longer take for granted the ground under our feet, the air in our lungs, or the water from our faucets.

How we make a difference

Since the health of the earth directly correlates to our own health, it’s our duty to demand swift and substantial changes to preserve both Ohio and Ohioans for generations to come.

"East Liverpool, Ohio, where RVO is based, is home to one of the world’s largest toxic waste incinerators, a source of major pollution in the area that has been linked to increased cases of cancer. This issue hits home for us and our families every day, and we can no longer ignore this existential threat to our survival."

Drug Policy

Why this matters?

Over 770,000 Americans have died from an accidental substance overdose since 1999. Ohio has long been waging a war to preserve the lives of its residents. In 2018 almost 4,000 lives were lost in Ohio because of contaminated supply, lack of access to Naloxone, and failed policy. Preliminary data shows that 2019 was an even deadlier year for Ohio and 2020, under the pall of COVID – 19, could be the deadliest yet.

UnHarming Ohio was born out of the recognition that every life lost to the drug war through overdose or life irrevocably changed due to conviction, incarceration, and family separation was and is a policy failure.

How we make a difference

UnHarming Ohio and River Valley Organizing work to highlight the systemic and structural injustices like race, poverty, absence of health equity that intersect for those impacted by the drug war. We organize with those most impacted and amplify the voices of those who have been ignored so that the changes occurring of representative of our communities’ goals.


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