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Why it matters?

The work done by our street teams allows us to reach the people in our communities who are most in need in order to connect them to services and engage them in building political power.

What we are doing

Our members regularly schedule one on one meetings, building trust within the community and expanding and strengthening our ties throughout the Ohio River Valley.


  • East Liverpool/ Wellsville
  • Steubenville
  • Portsmouth (The Health Department turned it over to us. First time in Ohio history!!
  • Dayton
  • Miami County

Overdose Prevention

Why it matters?

"Drugs have taken away far too many of our friends, our neighbors, and those we hold most dear. We have it in our power to shut down this cycle of loss and make sure more Ohioans survive to see their power and purpose fully realized.

What we are doing

RVO uses every weapon at our disposal to combat the suffering brought about by the opioid crisis. We distribute essential supplies for people who use drugs including syringes, Fentanyl test strips, and naloxone while also offering information about resources for treatment. Our trained street teams also respond directly to individuals experiencing an overdose, administering the powerful antidote naloxone to reverse the effects of the overdose and save lives. In the Covid-19 era, we are conducting virtual trainings on how to recognize and treat overdoses using naloxone. 

In the Ohio River Valley, “we have one of the highest overdose rates here,” says Thomas. That’s all our ambulance does all night, just running around and reviving people.”

Drop-In Centers

Why it matters?

We underestimate the need for belonging and safety at our own peril. We can provide respite and acceptance for those who feel like they have nowhere else to go.

What we are doing

RVO's drop-in centers provide safe spaces for community members who need access to services, a place to rest and pick up food and supplies, or just critical human connection in a judgment free environment.

Voter Registration

Why it matters?

Our mission is to bring marginalized communities into the political process. Focusing on areas with a history of low voter turnout.

What we are doing

We conduct outreach aimed at voter education and regularly organize voter registration initiatives to maximize participation.

"RVO seeks to build a new generation of leaders in the River Valley by supporting members who run for local elected office, from precinct captains to city council."

Soil Testing

Why it matters?

"There are no Ohioans without Ohio. The land under our feet is our collective responsibility, and with data and accountability we can ensure the health of ourselves and our communities for generations to come."

What we are doing

As part of our effort to hold corporations accountable for the harm they cause to the health of our communities, RVO is in the process of collecting soil samples from the area over a period of one year. The samples will be tested to determine the impact these businesses are having on our families' access to clean air and water. Armed with this information, we can educate our members to advocate for their communities in this crucial fight for a healthy and sustainable existence.


Jefferson County

Scioto County

Columbiana County

Miami County

Dayton County

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There's a lot of things we need you for.

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