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Group photo of some of the members of River Valley Organizing standing in front of their East Liverpool, Ohio Office.

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River Valley Organizing Direct Amanda Kiger standing in front of a red brick wall

Amanda Kiger


After realizing that she couldn’t make the societal change that she was looking for in the several jobs she used to hold, Amanda knew that organizing on the ground was the only way she could make a significant impact.

“We just can’t do anything else. It’s our families. People die,” she says. “For real. It’s either a quick bullet with the drug war or a slow bullet with pollution. But our people are dying, and if we don’t change it, it’s not going to change.”
River Valley Organizing Outreach and Policy Coordinator Abby Spears standing in front of a red brick wall

Abby Spears

Outreach and Policy Coordinator.

Abby Spears is a lifelong resident of Scioto County. She graduated in 2008 from Shawnee State University with a Bachelor of English. Throughout various positions in a variety of fields, including education and public health, and volunteer work in the community, she has always worked to help. In 2017, she was introduced to harm reduction and began working in the
SHRPS syringe service program in Portsmouth, Ohio. Since then, she has gone out of her way to educate herself and others on the ideas and principles behind harm reduction as a philosophy and daily practice. She considers herself incredibly lucky to have met and learned from so many incredible individuals and is always trying to learn more.

Coming to River Valley Organizing seemed like a natural transition from the realm of public health and other fields. In the organization she has met and has the privilege to build with a team of amazingly talented and dedicated individuals. While new to organizing, she is learning everyday about what it means to build power and organize communities for change.

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